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Malcolm Excavating Inc. has long been a specialist in the areas of commercial excavation and site work. We service all types of clientele including Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Municipal and Residential. With Malcolm, not only do you get a competitive quote, you also receive the pride and quality workmanship that has been our longstanding tradition since 1942.

Site Work: Stripping topsoil, placing & packing of granular material, digging footings, sewer line, waterline hydro line installation

Foundations: Excavation for foundations and backfilling

Parking Lots: Stripping topsoil, supplying, placing & packing of granular material

Pond Excavation: design and excavation of ponds and streams

Brush Clearing: our dedicated team and equipment work efficiently to convert over grown or difficult terrain, onto accessible landscapes.

Drainage: recognize the type of drainage issue, prepare a solution for the area and execute the solution. It is essential that construction in these problem soils take place during dry periods, otherwise problems are certain to occur. Initial installation is a very critical period.


Malcolm Excavating Inc. has long been a specialist in the areas of excavation and site work.


Malcolm Excavating aggregate operation provides one of the most diverse product ranges in the Region.


Malcolm Excavating is one of the Region’s most proficient firms with regards to environmental services.


Malcolm offers a full winter maintenance program for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional clients.


Malcolm Excavating Inc. offers 65 and 75 tonne custom heavy equipment floating all across southwestern Ontario.


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